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26″ Granite Peak Women’s Mountain Bike Reviews

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In Editor's point of view this is one of the best hardtail mountain bike under 1000 Dollars

Finding a mountain bike in the crowded mountain bike market is usually a great challenge for most people, especially first time bikers. It is even harder for women to be able to identify which bike best suits their individual needs and how much it costs. This is why Granite Peak has decided to solve this problem once and for all by introducing the 26” Granite Peak Women’s Mountain Bike. It comes with all the possible features that most, if not all women will find extremely convenient. The following are some of the best features of this bike.

Features of the 26” Granite Peak Women’s Mountain Bike

Steel frame

Steel is rated among the most durable materials in the manufacture of mountain bikes. That the 26” Granite Peak Women’s Mountain Bike is made of steel is a clear indication that this is a bike built to last. To begin with, steel is considered one of the heaviest materials and this greatly helps in increasing the stability of the bike. It makes the wheels press firmly on the ground giving you more control and comfort as you ride the bike. Steel is also among the most durable materials and this means you do not have to worry about constantly replacing components on the bike.

Suspension forks

One great feature that makes the 26” Granite Peak Women’s Mountain Bike ideal for use especially for women is the suspension forks fitted on the front wheel. The forks come in handy in leveling the terrain you are traversing which helps in absorbing all the shocks along the way. In a hard tail model, the front suspension forks are important because they help in balancing the comfort of the bike evenly.

Adjustable saddle

Another important feature of the 26” Granite Peak Women’s Mountain Bike that is worth noting is the adjustable saddle. For starters, the saddle is relatively comfortable thanks to the high quality padding material covering it. In addition to that, it is also wider as compared to other bikes in the market and this makes it ideal in accommodating different people. Being adjustable, it makes it able to fit women with different heights so you are not stuck with a small bike meant only for short people. Also, the position of the handlebars is proportionate with the saddle giving you a great posture when riding the bike. This reduces the chances of fatigue after riding for very long distances.

Specifications of the 26” Granite Peak Women’s Mountain Bike

  • Frame: Steel frame.
  • Dimensions: L25 x H50 x W7.3
  • Suspensions: Front suspension forks
  • Gears: Shimano 18 speed shifts
  • Breaks: Linear pull brakes
  • Wheels: 26 inches


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Benefits of the 26” Granite Peak Women’s Mountain Bike


The design of the 26” Granite Peak Women’s Mountain Bike is customized to suit women of different heights and sizes. First, the bike comes with a low profile frame that consists of a slanting horizontal bar to provide enough clearance to ride the bike comfortably. This makes it easier for different women to fit perfectly on the bike and improves the ease of handling it. Another great design of the bike is the high quality alloy rims fitted on the 26 inch wheels. The alloy wheels add extra stability and control to the bike and allow you to ride it in almost all kinds of terrains thanks to the extra strength. Additionally, the bike comes with a wider saddle that can be adjusted to comfortably accommodate different women. The fact that the saddle can easily be adjusted is an added advantage as it means it can also fit women with various heights. All these factors blend to create a high quality mountain bike.


As far as performance is concerned, the 26” Granite Peak Women’s Mountain Bike has a number of factors that give it one of the highest performance ratings in the market. For starters, the bike has the high quality steel linear pull brakes that increase the overall safety. In addition to that, the brakes also help in transferring much of the control to your hands giving you ultimate peace of mind. Another great performance feature on the bike is the small 26 inch wheels that are convenient for most women. Not only do they increase the speed of the bike but they also help in making the ride smoother. They are also relatively easier to maintain and this is what attracts most women to this bike.


Among the drawbacks of the 26” Granite Peak Women’s Mountain Bike is the linear brakes fitted on it. While the brakes work just fine under very dry conditions, their effectiveness is greatly reduced under wet weather conditions. This is because the brake pads depend on how wet or how dry the rims are in order to function perfectly. However, this is a small problem that can easily be sorted out by replacing the brakes or simply maintaining the brakes regularly. Besides that, the 26” Granite Peak Women’s Mountain Bike is a perfect bike that is fit for all women.


  • It has front suspension forks that absorb shocks while you ride.
  • It has a low profile frame that is convenient for use by most women.
  • It comes with 18 speed gears from Shimano that improves its performance.


  • The bike has the traditional linear pull brakes that are not as effective as the modern disk brakes.

Customer Reviews of the 26” Granite Peak Women’s Mountain Bike

As expected, the 26” Granite Peak Women’s Mountain Bike attracts a lot of positive reviews from both current and potential customers. Many of the reviews are centered on the fact that the bike is extremely affordable. Being an entry level bike, it comes with several great features including high quality steel frame for stability as well as the smaller 26 inch wheel rims. Many of the customers are happy with it because it is relatively easier to assemble and even easier to handle.

One critical review however pointed to the fact that the bike was way “smaller than I thought”. The smaller 26 inch wheel may not be that convenient for other users after all. However, the bike is as good as advertised and comes with several benefits.

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Final verdict

The 26” Granite Peak Women’s Mountain Bike is among the few bikes that go for less but offer more. It combines many great features to give you the best service in terms of performance and quality. It therefore comes highly recommended.

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