26″ Roadmaster Granite Peak Men’s Mountain Bike Reviews

Roadmaster Granite Peak overall Review




In Editor's point of view this is one of the best hardtail mountain bike under 300 Dollars

The 26” Roadmaster Granite Peak Men’s Mountain bike is one of the few steel frame mountain bikes that go for less than $100 but still comes with some of the best features that every biker needs. It combines the best of every great bike to ensure each of these features blend together to give you a perfect experience. So here we revealed The 26″ Roadmaster Granite Peak Men’s Mountain Bike Reviews for you. The following is a well researched combination of some of its greatest features.

Features of The 26” Roadmaster Granite Peak Men’s Mountain bike

Steel frame

The 26” Roadmaster Granite Peak Men’s Mountain bike is among the few mountain bikes that come with a steel frame. While steel is not common, it is one of the strongest and durable materials in the market today. The frame of the bike comes in a simple symmetrical design that is much easier to ride and maintain. The heavy steel serves to give the bike a lower center of gravity, which increases its stability as you traverse through the mountains. This also makes it safer because the tyres press firmly against the road, increasing its overall controllability.

26 inch wheels

The 26” Roadmaster Granite Peak Men’s Mountain bike has a much lower profile thanks to the 26 inch wheels. The smaller wheels come with several advantages. First, they give the bike a lower profile that increases its stability on the road. This is further compounded by the heavy steel frame that increases its weight as it presses against the road. The small wheels are also famous for their fast revolutions which smoothen out your ride. This significantly reduces the strength required to pedal uphill and through sand and gravel.

Linear pull brakes

Another great feature of the bike is its traditional linear pull brakes. This braking system is not only effective, but also very easy to maintain. Most bikers prefer this braking system for its ease of use and maintain. The brake pads on both wheels are located in a strategic position to help you make dead stops as and when need arises. This transfers much of the control of the bike to you and also increases the safety of the bike. The brakes are also very high quality which gives you peace of mind.

Specifications of The 26” Roadmaster Granite Peak Men’s Mountain bike

  • Frame: Steel Mountain frame.
  • Dimensions: L37 x H41 x W23
  • Suspensions: Shimano suspension forks
  • Gears: Shimano 18 speed shifts
  • Breaks: Linear pull brakes
  • Wheels: 26 inches


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Benefits of The 26” Roadmaster Granite Peak Men’s Mountain bike

Heavy frame

The 26” Roadmaster Granite Peak Men’s Mountain bike comes with a number of benefits that most customers will find convenient. For starters, the bike has the heavy steel frame that gives the bike a lower centre of gravity. The lower COG is ideal in increasing the stability of the bike giving you more control over it. Also, the heavy frame can accommodate a wide range of weights up to an unrivaled limit of 350lbs. This makes the 26” Roadmaster Granite Peak Men’s Mountain bike one of the strongest in the market. In addition to that, it is also durable and hence you do not have to worry about getting a replacement or repairing the frame any time soon.

Simple design

The 26” Roadmaster Granite Peak Men’s Mountain bike is ranked among the top entry level bikes thanks to its simplicity and design. The bike comprises of a simple symmetrical frame that consists of a horizontal bar that links the handlebar to the saddle rod at a straight line. This also makes the bike firm and stable making it much easier to control. Also, the bike has a raised handlebar that matches the position of the saddle to give the rider a great riding posture which reduces the fatigue levels after every ride.

Great brakes

The 26” Roadmaster Granite Peak Men’s Mountain bike is fitted with the linear pull brakes that are not only efficient but also safe especially in dry weather. While there are newer disk brakes that most customers prefer, they are much harder to maintain, especially if you are not a frequent biker. The linear pull brakes are easier to use and maintain. You do not have to keep worrying about whether they will be defective within a few miles or not.


Being an entry level bike, it definitely comes with a number of drawbacks. The first drawback is the size of the saddle. The saddle is relatively smaller than the average size and this makes the seat uncomfortable especially for bigger people. You will definitely need a replacement if you are to enjoy your bike going forward. Also, another problem with this bike is the lack of suspension forks on the rear wheel. For an entry level bike, the rear wheel should also have been suspended to increase the comfort of the bike.


  • It has great braking power
  • It has a strong steel frame
  • It has a simple design, hence very easy to assemble.


  • It has a small saddle that makes it uncomfortable to sit on.
  • The plastic components on the bike are loose.

Customer reviews of The 26” Roadmaster Granite Peak Men’s Mountain bike

The 26” Roadmaster Granite Peak Men’s Mountain bike has over 120 customer reviews. Most of these reviews are generally positive reviews with many of the customers satisfied with the pricing of the bike. The bike goes for less than $100 dollars and this is probably what attracts most people to it. Most positive reviews point to the fact that it is simply designed which makes it a good entry level choice. It is also relatively easy to maintain because it has no complex components that would need extra skills to fix.

On the other hand, some customers are not comfortable with the saddle because it is small and thinly padded. According to one customer, the saddle makes the ride “hectic”. Otherwise,  it is one of the cheapest and best entry level choices for beginners.

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Final verdict

The 26” Roadmaster Granite Peak Men’s Mountain bike is the cheapest and the most convenient entry level bike for beginners. It does not require extra skills to maintain and comes with average features that would comfortably satisfy your biking needs. It is the best choice for first time bikers who do not want to spend a lot of money on a bike.


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