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Best 29er Mountain Bikes Reviews & Buying Guide 2017


The demand for mountain bikes has led to the design and manufacture of different types of mountain bikes in the market today. Major differences can be seen in the sizes of the bikes and this is informed by the rising demographics of people in need of these bikes. So here we revealed the Best 29er Mountain Bikes Reviews for you. The most common type of mountain bikes as far as size is concerned is the 29 inch wheel bike, commonly known as the 29er. This bike comes with a host of features that make it a darling of mountain bike lovers. Besides the massive size, this bike also features greater traction force as well increased momentum to make it easier for riders to maneuver different terrains. We have compiled a number of 29ers to give our readers more insights on the different designs available in the market today.

Comparison: Top 5 Best 29er Mountain Bikes

Editor’s Choice: 5 Best 29er Mountain Bikes

This is a stylishly designed dual suspension mountain bike that features a sturdy aluminum frame. The aluminum material is preferred because it is not only affordable, but also very strong and durable. This gives most customers the desired peace of mind as far as every purchase is concerned. In addition to that, this machine is fitted with dual suspension forks in both wheels which make your ride comfortable in varied terrains. Not only do you feel comfortable on this bike, but the suspension forks also greatly increase your overall control of the bike. The massive size of the wheel increases the tractive capacity of the bike, making it easier for you to traverse rough road surfaces. Also, the size comes in handy when you want to increase the momentum of your ride.


  • The wheels are made from an alloy material which makes it strong enough for its size.
  • The aluminum frame makes it strong and affordable.



  • The gear shift is limited to 21-speed which may be a disadvantage to faster riders.


The Thruster T-29er Men’s bike stands out from the crowd because of its simplicity. Standing on an aluminum manufactured frame that provides a firm foundation, the bike is a departure from the usual complicated designs from Thruster. The Shimano gear shifters further assure the rider of the quality and durability of the speed rings making it a speed king among its peers. Also, being a 29er, the bike comfortably boasts of a much lower rotational weight, increasing the overall controllability and momentum. The size also gives you an authoritative feel whenever you are riding. An extra feature that distinguishes this bike from all its peers is the all terrain rubber tires that offer extra grip on the roads. This not only ensures that you have a safe ride every step of the way, but also makes sure that you always have control of the bike.


  • It is simple in design which makes it ideal for cross country riders.
  • It has a good grip on the road thanks to its high quality rubber tires.



  • The wheels have no quick release capability.


What sets the Schwinn S29 Men’s Full Suspension bike apart is the uniquely designed frame that is made from the famous aluminum material. Not only do you get absolute value for your money as far as affordability is concerned, but the sturdy nature of the frame can also withstand weights of up to 300lbs which makes it relatively strong. It is also an ideal bike for speed freaks, thanks to its 21 speed gear shifters from Shimano. The bike is also fully suspended on both wheels which add to the overall comfort of the ride and gives you much more control of the beast as you traverse various terrains. The front and rear disk brakes come as an added advantage as it ensures your safety is not compromised. It also gives you full control of your bike at all times.


  • The bike has a stylish design that is aesthetically attractive.
  • It has disk brakes in both the front and the rear wheels which gives you more control of the bike.



  • Its height is long enough and may be disadvantageous to short people.


The 29’’ Mongoose Stat Men’s mountain bike is your best companion in the rugged terrains of the mountain. Fitted with the huge 29 inch wheels, the bike assures you of a steady yet reliable ride across the roughest of terrains on the mountain trails. Standing on a lightweight yet strong and enviably durable aluminum frame, the bike can withstand weights of up to 300lbs at once. This bike is also augmented with front suspension forks that provide a smooth ride over bumpy terrains. In addition to that, it is also fitted with both the front and rear disk brakes that offer the ultimate control of the bike at all times. Your safety is therefore guaranteed when you are aboard this great bike. Although it is huge as far as size is concerned, it is also lightweight, which makes it ideal for mountain hikers and long distance riders.


  • It is simple and lightweight, which makes it easier for novices to handle.



  • It is not ideal for short people because of its height.


The Diamondback Bicycles overdrive 29 inch mountain bike is a simply designed well functioning mountain bike that is ideal for long distance riding on rugged terrains. Featuring a strong, lightweight aluminum frame, the bike can withstand weights of up to 250lbs at a time. In addition to that, the bike is also relatively safer thanks to the hydraulic disk brakes on both the front and rear wheels. The 29 inch wheel size also comes in handy as it is instrumental in increasing the overall momentum of the bike even on the roughest of terrains. The strength of this bike is further compounded by the availability of the double-walled alloy rims on both wheels.


  • The bike has an adjustable saddle that gives a more comfortable feel and posture when riding.
  • The bike is simple in design which makes it easier for novices to handle.


  • The gear shifters are limited to 21 speeds which may be a hindrance for speed freaks.


How to choose the best 29er mountain bikes


The most important factor to consider when choosing a 29er mountain bike is the purpose of the bike. You may want the huge bike for a variety of purposes, the first one being for exercise and the next one being in sports. If you intend to buy a sports bike, the 29er would be ideal because of its top end speeds as well as traction force across various terrains. Also, huge wheels will be ideal when you want to ride over huge rocks and roots on the mountain trail. As far as exercise is concerned, the larger wheels will be ideal because they increase the momentum of the ride and require much more strength to pedal over rough surfaces which works wonders to your muscle and overall strength.

Know your budget

Another important factor to consider is the budget. As much as there are several 29ers on the market, their budgets generally differ. The amount of money you intend to spend on a bike will play a key role in determining which bike you will ride home. At this point, it is important to select a bike that falls within your purchasing power but also offer the best features there are to choose from. However, bear in mind that the budget will be informed by the overall features of the bike. Stronger and more comfortable bikes will definitely be more expensive than the basic bicycles.

Know your riding style

The best way to know your riding style is to test-drive it. When you get into the store, pick a bike and hit the road to get a feel of the bike. If you are not comfortable with it, you can return it and take the next one until you find your ideal bike. This is a simple yet convenient way to know which bike suits you.


Things to consider before buying the best 29er mountain bikes

Consider the features that the bike comes with. The bike could either be full suspension or hard tails. Whichever the case, identify the design that best describes your purpose and riding style and go for it. The full suspension bike is more comfortable than the hard tail bike. However, the purpose of the bike may overrule this law.
Different bikes are manufactured from different components. The frame could be made from aluminum, carbon fiber, steel or alloy. However, the choice of which one to go for will strongly be informed by your budget and preference. Carbon fiber is more expensive while steel is heavier. Aluminum on the other hand is more affordable and lighter, which combines the best of the two. So this could be your ideal bike, but the final decision lies squarely in your hands.
When it comes to size, you do not have much of a choice since the bike you are after is the 29er. Generally speaking, this size is ideal for sports and exercises and comes with several pros. The 29er is your best bargain as far as size is concerned.
Your budget will determine which bike you will ride home. The 29er series comes in different shapes and designs with varying levels of comfort. The difference in the budget stems from the different features each of these bikes comes with. Make sure you get the best deal that will give you your money’s worth.

Final verdict

The 29 inch wheel bikes are some of the most common bikes in the market today. They come in different designs and the choice of which one to go for will depend on your preference and your budget. All in all, each of these bikes has its own advantages and at the end of the day, any choice you make will be worth your money.




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