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Best Affordable Mountain Bikes Reviews & Buying Guide 2017


The demand for mountain bikes has been on an exponential growth over the past decade thanks to the growing number of trail bikers around the world. The trend is not about to reverse if the rate at which these mountain bikes are being bought is anything to go by. Most of these mountain bikes are sold at extremely affordable prices that are not only attractive to the existing customers, but also enticing to new customers who are willing to try out the biking experience. So here will revealed the Best Affordable Mountain Bikes Reviews for you. Manufacturers of these bicycles have drastically reduced the prices to try and fit into the prevailing demand curve in the market. We have compiled a list of affordable mountain bikes that most potential customers will find especially useful in deciding which one to settle for.

Top 5 Best Affordable Mountain Bike

Editor’s Choice: 5 Best Affordable Mountain Bike

The Diamondback bicycle 2016 recoil full suspension mountain bike is a 29 inch trail bike that will not only give you quality service on rugged terrain but also on your uphill mountain trail. The massive wheel size comes in handy when you need to increase your momentum and need more power to traverse some of the most difficult road surfaces. It is stylishly designed to offer comfort when riding thanks to the adjustable saddle and steady handlebars that are positioned to provide great riding posture. To add on to that, the bike is a full suspension mountain bike that makes it easier to maneuver through bumpy terrains. It also has great rear and front disk brakes that offer greater control power to the rider in any circumstance making this one of the safest mountain bikes in the market. This is one of the best affordable mountain bike we have ever reviewed.


  • It has an adjustable seat that gives you a great sitting posture when you are riding.
  • It comes with stabilizers that offer safety and comfort at the same time.



  • The assembly manual is a bit difficult to comprehend for non-experts.


To begin with, the SE Bikes Big Mountain 24 speed hard tail mountain bike has a simple and yet stylish, design that features a comfortable adjustable saddle which offers a massage feeling when riding. This is complemented with a steel handlebar that feels firmly in your arms, offering great control at all times. The stability of the bike is affirmed by the sturdy aluminum material used in the manufacture of the frame. The material is not only affordable, but also very light which makes the bike ideal for cross country riders. The 29 inch wheels also complement the firm frame by offering great control and a powerful feeling when riding the bike. There are mechanical disk brakes on the bike that ensure you are able to stop whenever you feel like. This also makes sure you are safe at all times. This is the 2nd best affordable mountain bike we have ever reviewed.


  • Its simplicity makes it easier to handle even for novices.
  • It is lightweight and therefore ideal for cross country riders.



  • It has a huge size which might be uncomfortable for short people.


The Diamondback Bicycles Sorrento hard tail mountain bike features a sturdy aluminum frame with front suspension forks that give an overall feeling of comfort when riding. The aluminum frame is strong enough to accommodate at least 300 pounds of weight, making this bike ideal for any body weight. This further seeks to affirm the sturdiness of the bike. In addition to that, the adjustable saddle and the firm handlebars blend to provide a comfortable riding posture which is important for your health. The front suspensions are ideal in providing a comfortable ride through bumpy and rough surfaces at all times. It is also one of the simplest bikes in the market today. The lightweight frame is ideal for cross country riders who travel long distances through uncomfortable terrains. This is the 3rd best affordable mountain bike we have ever reviewed.


  • It has front suspensions which provide a smooth ride on bumpy terrains.


  • Lack of rear suspension forks makes it difficult to absorb shock.


The Schwinn Protocol 1.0 dual suspension mountain bike is an aluminum frame mountain bike that guarantees a smooth ride across rugged terrains. The bike is firm and sturdy thanks to the aluminum material used in the manufacture of the frame. For lovers of speed, the 26 inch wheel bike comes with the standard 24 speed gear shifters designed by Shimano. This assures you of a fast yet comfortable ride across the varied terrains. The 26 inch wheels will also facilitate a smooth ride which requires less strength and effort. Being a dual suspension, the front and rear suspension forks come in handy in creating a comfortable feel when riding this bike at all times. The front disk brakes increase the safety of the bike by providing dead stoppage each time there is an emergency. This is the 4th best affordable mountain bike we have ever reviewed.


  • It is small in size, which makes it easier to be handled.


  • It comes with several components that might be difficult to maintain for novices.


The Diamondback Bicycles women’s 2015 Lux mountain bike is another one of the great quality bikes from Diamondback. With a small wheel size, this bike comes with a feminine design that blends to ensure it provides a feminine feeling for women. It comes with a simple frame that is slightly lower to make it comfortable for ladies to ride. In addition to that, the low positioned saddle and handlebars also conspire to ensure that the frame size and shape provide a comfortable posture for the rider. The mechanical disk brakes on the front wheel ensure that the bike maintains its safety record. When it comes to comfort on bumpy roads, the bike is a hard tail model that comes with front suspensions which absorbs shock on rough surfaces. This is the 5th best affordable mountain bike we have ever reviewed.


  • It is small in size, which makes it a comfortable option for women.


  • It is only designed to be used by women.



How to choose the Best Affordable Mountain Bike

Set your budget

Before you settle on your ideal bike, you need to determine the exact amount of money you wish to spend on a bike. The other option is to set a limit on the most amount of money you can spend on a mountain bike. This will help narrow down on the designs and style of bikes you need to be considering. At the end of the day, remember that you will always get what you paid for. More money means a better bike and vice versa.

Select your style

You need to identify what you would want to do with the bike you intend to buy. If your bike will be used primarily for commuting and other light travels, then you do not have to get the most advanced bike as far as suspension technology is concerned. But if you intend to ride your bike in rocky terrains on the mountains, then a full suspension mountain bike will be ideal for you. This is why you need to be honest with yourself when it comes to the purpose of the bike.

Test ride the bike

Whenever you are out there shopping for a bike, it is always a good idea to test ride the bike. Jump on to one of your preferred choices and have a feel of what you want. While at it, it is important to pay attention to the overall feel of each of the bike’s aspects, from the suspensions to the saddle position to the feel of the handlebars. After you have test-ridden a few bikes, you can then make a comparison and choose the best option.

Things to consider before buying The Best Affordable Mountain Bikes

The design of the bike will include factors such as the suspension forks available on the bike. Some bikes have no suspensions at all and these are referred to as rigid bikes. Some come with suspension forks on the front wheel and these are known as hard tail bikes. The last category includes one with suspension forks on both wheels and these are known as full suspension bikes. Depending on the purpose of your bike, you should be able to choose which one best describes you.
Another feature to help you decide which bike you want to buy is the components. Some bikes are made from titanium, others from aluminum, while others are manufactured from carbon fiber. The prices of these bikes will differ according to the material used in their manufacture. Again, you need to consider which material will suit your needs.
The size of the bike will matter a great deal and this will also depend on the purpose for which the bike is intended. There is the small 26 inch wheel size which is ideal for routine commuting and simple terrains. Then there is the 29 inch size which is the largest and is meant for the harsh terrains and rocky surfaces on the mountains. In between, there is the 27.5 inch which seems to combine the best of the other two to give you maximum benefits. So ensure you choose wisely which option will best describe your needs.
Finally, your budget will determine which bike you walk away with. Even after considering all the other factors, the money you intend to spend will determine whether you will settle for less or you will go for the big boys in the market. However, ensure you choose one that is not only affordable, but also easier to maintain in the long run.

Final verdict

The choice of which bike to carry home will depend on your individual needs as well as your preference in bikes generally. However, there are several bikes in the market that go for so little that at the end of the day, there is always something for everyone. So take your time and do a thorough research before choosing your ideal bike. That’s all for today about best affordable mountain bike.



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