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Best Cheap Mountain Bikes Reviews & Buying Guide 2017

Best Cheap Mountain Bikes Reviews

Finding a cheap mountain bike can be a tricky affair for some people and rightfully so. Some people have had to carry their mountain bikes for long distances as a result of breakdowns in the middle of nowhere. No wonder the saying ‘Cheap is expensive’. So here we revealed the Best Cheap Mountain Bikes Reviews for you. Nothing is as frustrating as having your bike snap when you have 10 more miles to go before you get back to civilization. While all these possibilities are real and founded, we are here to demystify the myth that all cheap things are expensive. When it comes to mountain bikes, there are several cheap options you can choose from that will serve their purpose for a significantly long time. We have made an informed list that will help you decide on which one will best satisfy your needs.

Top 5 Best Cheap Mountain Bikes


Editor’s Choice: 5 Best Cheap Mountain Bikes

The Diamondback Bicycles 2016 Recoil full suspension bike is a 29 inch wheel bike that comfortably suits the needs of long distance bikers. With a strong and durable aluminum frame that is capable of holding up to 250lbs in weight, this bike stands out as the bicycle of choice when it comes to extreme sports and exercise. The huge wheels will come in handy especially in rocky and rough terrains because of its ability to go over huge rocks and rooty surfaces as a result of increased traction capacity. Being a full suspension bike, you have an added advantage of enjoying a comfortable ride both on smooth and rough surfaces. The adjustable saddle and the firm handlebars blend quite perfectly to ensure you maintain an upright comfortable posture throughout the entire ride. Among the safety features on this beast include the front and rear disk brakes that give you a dead stop in any emergency situation. This, coupled with the sturdy structure of the bike ensures you are safe and comfortable to enjoy a long lasting ride. This is one of the Best Cheap Mountain Bikes we have ever reviewed.


  • The double suspensions fit perfectly making it one of the most comfortable rides in the industry.
  • It is designed with a simple structure which also makes it easier to maintain.



  • The wheels are relatively huge which may be uncomfortable for shorter people.


The small size of the Schwinn Protocol 1.0 Men’s Dual suspension mountain bike makes it a preferred option for fast and long distance riders especially for fun and exercise. It comes fitted with a small 26 inch wheel that is famous for its increased revolution on flat surfaces. This effectively produces a smooth and fast ride over longer distances. The stylishly designed aluminum frame is durable and strong enough to withstand weights of up to 300 pounds. With a steel handlebar that is proportionately linked to the saddle by the frame pair up to provide a comfortable posture during the ride. In addition to that, the saddle is also adjustable to suit individual specifications in different riding terrains. Also, unlike other bikes in its bracket, the Schwinn Protocol 1.0 Men’s Dual suspension mountain bike comes with mechanical disk brakes that ensure your safety is taken care of. These disk brakes allow you to stop conveniently at any time thanks to their effectiveness. Another outstanding feature on this bike is the 24 speed gear shifters from Shimano that speed freaks will find especially appealing. This is the 2nd Best Cheap Mountain Bikes we have ever reviewed.


  • The double suspensions on both wheels make it a comfortable bike for all users.
  • It is also small which makes it quite easy to handle especially for novices.



  • It is quite complicated thanks to the many components which might be difficult to maintain.


The Mongoose Impasse dual full suspension mountain bike is one of the cheapest yet stylish mountain bikes from Mongoose. Among its most striking features are the dual suspensions that complement the huge 29 inch wheels providing a smooth and fast ride both uphill and downhill. The 29 inches come in handy especially when you need an increased momentum through difficult terrains on the mountain trail. The increased momentum is ideal when you need to maneuver rocky and hilly surfaces with less effort. Unlike the conventional front disk brakes, the Mongoose Impasse dual full suspension mountain bike is fitted with rear disk brakes that are much more convenient than the front ones. This not only makes it easier for you to slow down when need arises but also makes it safer by preventing you from toppling in emergency situations. For its price, the 21 speed gear shifters fitted from Shimano are ideal and will serve you comfortably. A huge bike such as this one will need a stronger and firmer structure. To this end, Mongoose has ensured that the rims are made from alloy to support the huge structure of the bike on all terrains. This is the 3rd Best Cheap Mountain Bikes we have ever reviewed.


  • It is a strong bike thanks to the aluminum material for its frame and the alloy on the rims.



  • The front wheels have no disk brakes.


The Stowabike 26″ folding dual suspension mountain bike is one of the few mountain bikes in the market today that is not only cheap but also made from the heavy steel material. To begin with, this bike has one of the strongest frames in the market. Manufactured from steel, this has a weight capacity of over 300 pounds and can withstand some of the most extreme mechanical impacts. It comes with double suspensions that are ideal for rough surfaces providing you with unrivaled comfort. The dual suspension feature is also important because it shields your body from acting as a shock absorber. This protects you from physical harm like fatigue and other body harm. One of the most outstanding features of the Stowabike 26″ folding dual suspension mountain bike is its folding capability. Absurd as it may sound, this bike can be folded into two for storage purposes. This significantly reduces the storage space by half which makes it convenient to own and even to store. The 18 speed gear shifters from Shimano also come in handy when it comes to speed and performance. This is the 4th Best Cheap Mountain Bikes we have ever reviewed.


  • It is foldable making it easier for storage.
  • It is also highly portable.



  • It is quite difficult to assemble.


The Mongoose women’s status 2.2 full suspension mountain bike has a feminine appearance which is why it was explicitly designed for the fairer gender. It comes with the smallest wheel size of 26 inches which provides a much smoother ride on smooth and controlled surfaces. The small size is also ideal for the ladies making it easier to handle and comfortable to ride. The frame is manufactured from the sturdy aluminum frame that is not only affordable but also long lasting. With the dual suspension feature, the bike is ideal for riding not only on smooth surfaces but also on rough and rocky terrains. With 21 speed gear shifters from Shimano, the performance and speed of this bike is unrivaled among its peers. The strength and durability is also enhanced by the alloy rims that come in handy when traversing the mountain trails. This bike is ideal for sporting and exercise purposes. This is the 5th Best Cheap Mountain Bikes we have ever reviewed.


  • It has a stylish design that is attractive and makes it ideal for women.
  • The small size is ideal for short people.



  • Tall women will find it a challenge to ride it comfortably.


Things to consider before buying best cheap mountain bikes

Before buying one of these bikes, it best you examine the design first. You can choose to buy the dual suspension or the hard tail design. While the dual suspension is generally more costly than the hardtail, it is also the more comfortable of the two. However, the choice of which one to go for will depend on the purpose of the bike. So make sure you are clear on what you want the bike to do for you.
When it comes to components, you need to consider the material used in the manufacture of the bike frame. It could either be aluminum, steel or carbon fiber. The cheaper option is the aluminum material which will not dent your pocket but will surely serve you a long time.
There are different sizes in the market to choose from. You could go for the small 26 inch or the largest which is 29 inches depending on your intentions with the bike. However, the bigger size is always a good choice as it comes with several advantages as earlier explained. However, if you are short but would still want to enjoy the comforts of the large wheel, you can settle for the 27.5 inches if you are lucky enough to find one.
Ultimately, your budget will determine the bike you get to ride home. However, this should not be a major hindrance as most of these bikes are within affordable limits. They are not only cheap but also classy and durable as well. So whichever amount you intend to spend, you will always find one that suits you.

Final verdict

Most of these mountain bikes are cheap and extremely affordable. You will always have something for yourself no matter how financially constrained you are. Do enough research on the available options and match with your needs and you will definitely have something to write home about. That’s all for today about Best Cheap Mountain Bike.


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