Best Full Suspension Mountain Bike Reviews & Buying Guide 2017

Best Full Suspension Mountain Bike Reviews

Over the years, there has been a tremendous growth and advancement in technology in the mountain bike industry. People no longer just settle for a mountain bike but instead go for a bike that boasts of some of the best features in terms of comfort and performance. So here we revealed the Best full suspension mountain bike reviews for you. People want One of these features is the full suspension feature. While a few riders would settle for the Hardtail bike, the benefits and accessories that accompany the full suspension mountain bikes are simply unrivaled. In fact, so competitive are the full suspensions mountain bikes to the extent that even the Hardtail diehards are now switching to them, and rightfully so.

Many more suspension designs have been developed in the recent past to offer a comfort like no other. We have selected the best five full suspension mountain bikes to help you make an informed choice and get value for your money.

Top 5 Best Full Suspension Mountain Bikes

Editor’s Choice: 5 Best Full Suspension Mountain Bikes

This is a fully loaded trail bike that incorporates all the features that you have ever dreamed of in a mountain bike. Not only it will offer you the much needed comfort in your trail sessions, but it will also complement your style thanks to its unique aesthetic appearance. As expected, this beast features a fully suspended frame that ensures your comfort is not compromised. In addition to that, it is fitted with an SR suspension fork that makes it easier for you to maneuver bumpy terrains and increase your overall control of the bike. Unlike its competitors, the Mongoose impasse boasts of 21- speed gear shifters that enable you to easily shift through the gears in various terrains to ensure you enjoy your ride. Not only will you be able to comfortably ride your bike even in the roughest of terrains but you can also change your speed according to your specifications comfortably, thanks to the fully suspended frames. This is one of the Best Full Suspension Mountain Bike we have ever reviewed.


  • It is comfortable thanks to its full suspensions.
  • It is aesthetically attractive.


  • It is relatively difficult to assemble once you have bought it.



Schwinn brand of mountain bikes are well known for their uniqueness and quality. The protocol 1.0 is not any different. To begin with, the bike’s frame is manufactured from the sturdy aluminum material which ensures the bike outlasts you in both age and performance. Additionally, the frame’s rear is made from steel which further enhances the durability and strength of this mountain bike. The bike is also fitted with the Shimano 24 speed gear shifters which enable you to ride it through varied terrains comfortably. Apart from the terrain, the 24 speed gear also allows you to ride in high speed for fun and for sports, which makes it an ideal bike for your cross country escapades. To add on to its performance, the bike comes with front disk brake that gives you more control power over the bike when you want to stop. The handlebars are slightly raised to complement the adjustable saddle which together adds to the comfort of the ride. The spoked rims are made from high profile alloys that make the bike strong enough to withstand any weight. This is the 2nd Best Full Suspension Mountain Bike we have ever reviewed.


  • It has disk brakes which makes it easier for you to stop comfortably even at high speeds.
  • It is strong and can hold any weight.


  • There are no accessories like water bottle holders.
  • The rubber wears out fast.



This new entrant is one of the most comfortable full-suspension bikes in the market today. This is informed by the several customer friendly features that were considered in its manufacture. To begin with, we are looking at the wheel size which is the 26 inch size. The small size comes with a host of advantages including a fast spin that offers you a smooth ride in any terrain. And as it is expected, the mountain bike comes with full dual suspensions that make it absolutely comfortable to ride on several terrains including the rocky surfaces. More power is transferred to you as you ride this bike thanks to the disk brakes on both the front and rear wheel which gives you a dead stop even at very high speeds. In addition to that, like its peers, the bike is fitted with the 24 speed gear shifters that not only gives you the luxury of choice when it comes to speed but also allows you to ride in high speeds much more comfortably. This is the 3rd Best Full Suspension Mountain Bike we have ever reviewed.


  • It has disk brakes on both front and rear wheels which makes it easier to stop.
  • It has smaller wheel size which offers a smooth ride.


  • It is not fully assembled when it comes and so you have to complete the assembling process by yourself.



The Mongoose Impasse is a 29 inch mountain bike that is designed to cater for the cross country biker and offer comfort in all aspects of tail riding. Among its featured components include the 29 inch wheel which comes with a host of advantages. The large wheel size is ideal in extremely rough surfaces since it offers a greater traction force. In addition to that, it also provides a great momentum when riding and is ideal for heavy riders. The frame is made from the sturdy aluminum material which apart from offering strength, it ensures the bike outlasts you in all aspects. It has a suspension fork that makes a bumpy ride smoother and puts you in control of the ride unlike other bikes. It also features a 21 speed Shimano gear shifters which comes in handy when changing gears in different terrains. More power is handed to the rider thanks to the raised handle bars and the front and rear disk brakes which provides a dead stop even in cases of an emergency. This is the 4th Best Full Suspension Mountain Bike we have ever reviewed.


  • It has a 29 inch wheel which offers a greater momentum when riding.
  • The front and rear disk brake makes it safer and easier to stop.


  • It is only ideal for adults and tall people due to its height.



The 26″ Columbia Compax is generally on a class of its own. Very rarely will you come across a foldable bike that is as stylish and as sturdy as the 26″ Columbia Compax Folding Bike. The wheel size is relatively small as compared to its peers and this makes it ideal for young and short people. The small wheel size not only ensures a smooth ride over a long distance but also ensures that you do not utilize a lot of energy when riding it. It features a steel suspension fork that comes in handy when you ride over bumpy surfaces providing a smooth and comfortable ride. One feature that stands out from the crowd is its ability to fold for storage. The frame can easily be folded after usage which significantly reduces the space needed to store the bike. It also comes with an 21 speed gear shifters which offers you the luxury of choice when it comes to speed choices. Its light weight comes in handy when you want to traverse extremely hilly terrains. This is the 5th Best Full Suspension Mountain Bike we have ever reviewed.


  • It can be folded for storage which saves space.
  • It is relatively light.


  • It has a low speed which may not be ideal for fast riders.



Why you should choose the full suspension mountain bike

Easier to ride

A full suspension mountain bike is much easier to ride than the Hardtail bike. While the Hardtail mountain bike offers you the front suspensions which come in handy in rough terrains, the front and rear suspensions will make the ride even smoother for beginners which enhance the riding experience.

They are more comfortable

The fully suspended mountain bikes are more comfortable than the Hardtail mainly because potholes and bump shocks are absorbed by the rear suspensions and not the front suspensions. For this reason, you are likely to feel less tired even after riding a long distance. It also allows you to ride longer and faster, the only reason why this type of bike is preferred by the cross country riders.

Enhanced control

When riding a fully suspended bike, the rear and front wheels stay in contact with the ground at all times leaving the frame to do the movements. This puts you in a firm control of the bike as you traverse rough terrains and obstacles.

Easy maneuvering

As earlier discussed, the full suspensions bike ensures that the wheels stay in contact with the ground at all times. This is not only important in maintaining control of the bicycle but also comes in handy when negotiating a corner. Unlike in a Hardtail bike where the rear wheel often bounces off the ground, the full suspension bike sticks to the ground making those sharp turns easy and possible.

Health benefits

Full suspensions come in handy even to your health. In a Hardtail bicycle for instance, your body acts as the shock absorbers in potholes and bumps because the rear wheel has no suspensions. This could have adverse effects on your health over a long time. Full suspensions mountain bike has its own shock absorbers on the rear which make the ride more comfortable.

Frequently Asked Questions About Best Full Suspension Mountain Bike.

What is a full suspension mountain bike?

A full suspension mountain bike is a bike that has suspension forks on both the rear and the front wheel. It is the opposite of the Hardtail mountain bike which has the suspension fork on the front wheel. By design, the full suspension is considered more comfortable than the Hardtail because of its additional suspension fork on the rear wheel. This is because the rear wheel is responsible for the shock absorbing capability of the fully suspended bike.

Which one should I go for?

The choice of which mountain bike to go for will depend entirely on the individual. This is because each of these models is designed for a particular purpose and may come in handy in different environments. For instance, the Hardtail mountain bike is considered lighter and easier to manage. In addition to that, it is also cheaper as compared to the full suspension bike. On the other hand, the full suspension is more comfortable and can go faster than the Hardtail. However, it is more costly and heavier as well.

Things to consider before buying Best Full Suspension Mountain Bike

One of the factors you need to consider before getting the full suspension bike is the design of the bike. As earlier discussed, there are bikes that can be folded while others have taller frames. All these will be dependent on the comfort and preference of the individual. Whichever choice you opt for, you must be sure that it will suit your needs as a biker. If you are a novice, it is best advised to settle for a simple bike that will be easier to handle
Another important factor is the components of the bike. Some bike frames are made from aluminum while others are designed from steel. Still, others are made from the more expensive carbon fiber material. Eventually, the choice of material will depend on your budget and preference but the durability of these materials also varies.
The size of the mountain bike is also important to consider. Some bicycles will be comfortable for short people while others will be ideal for taller people. For instance, the 26 inch bike is ideal for short people because it is not raised. It is also preferable to people who do not like riding on rough terrains. The 29 inch on the other hand is ideal for taller people and can be used on rough terrains. However, there is the 27.5 inch bike which will combine both the advantages of the 26 inch and the 29 inch and create a balance for you.
The most important factor is the budget. The amount of money you are willing to spend will determine the bike you will ride home. If you are willing to spend a lot of money on one, you can go home with a more advanced, comfortable and fast mountain bike. However, a lower budget will mean a compromise on some of the features of the bike including size and comfort.

Final verdict

The full suspension mountain bike is the best mountain bike there is in the market. It may be slightly expensive and even heavier than the average bike but these sacrifices are worth it once you have your machine home. Whichever design you choose to carry home, ensure it is what you wanted and it is worth your every penny.

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