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Best Hardtail Mountain Bike Reviews & Buying Guide 2017

Best Hardtail Mountain Bike Reviews

Hardtail mountain bikes are considered the best mountain bikes for novices and for individuals with a low budget. So here we revealed the best hardtail mountain bike reviews for you. While many people would easily settle for the full suspension mountain bikes, it is clear that the Hardtail bikes are here to stay, thanks to their compromising features. Not only do they offer an ideal alternative for the low budget individuals but are also one of the simplest bikes to handle. These bikes boast of the standard firm frame with a front suspension fork but no rear suspension fork. The front suspension fork comes in handy in rough rocky terrains as they provide the much needed shock absorption. This is one of the reasons as to why most cross country riders easily choose this type of bike over the full suspension one. We have sampled the best Hardtail mountain bikes to help you make the best choice when you go shopping for one of these bikes.

Top 5 Best Hardtail Mountain Bike

Editor’s Choice: 5 Best Hardtail Mountain Bikes

To begin with, the SE big bike comes with the large 29er wheel which comes with several advantages. The large size not only increases the traction force when you are rolling through hilly and rocky surfaces but also increases the momentum and naturally regulates the speed of the bike to manageable levels. In addition to that, the main frame is made from the sturdy alloy material that can be able to withstand any weight. Besides the frame, the bicycle comes with standard suspension fork on the front wheel that provides a comfortable ride through rough surfaces and absorbs much of the shock caused by the terrain. The saddle and the handlebars are slightly raised to make it comfortable for tall people to relax as they ride. A more outstanding feature of this bike is the 24 speed gear shifters from Shimano. You can be able to drift comfortably in different speeds through different terrains thanks to these speeds. To give you more control power over the bike, it is fitted with mechanical disk brakes on the front which enables you to stop conveniently and comfortably. This is one of the best hardtail mountain bike we have ever reviewed.


  • It is strong enough to withstand any weight.
  • The saddle can be adjusted to suit individual specifications.



  • It is high and may not be ideal for short people.



To begin with, this is one of the most attractive Hardtail mountain bikes in the market today. It features a well constructed handlebar that feels extremely comfortable in the hands and this is complimented with a comfortable saddle that provides an unrivaled ride. The 2016 overdrive bike also features a 29 inch wheel that is one of the biggest in the market. The wheel raises the bike to a level that most people will find comfortable and also provides a traction that is second to none in rocky terrains. You are therefore left with a momentum that pushes your ride to limits you have not experienced before. In addition to that, the bike is fitted with Shimano hydraulic disk brakes that ensure you have absolute control over it regardless of how fast you are rolling. Besides the sturdy frame, the rims are double walled and alloyed which not only ensures it lasts long but also allows you to ride across country without a care in the world. It goes without saying that the front suspension come in handy especially in rocky terrain which prevents you from feeling exhausted after a long ride. This is the 2nd best hardtail mountain bike we have ever reviewed.


  • It is aesthetically attractive which adds style to your look.
  • It is a 29er which gives it an edge over the others in terms of traction and momentum.



  • It is relatively high for shorter people.



The 2014 Axis sport is the ultimate definition of style and comfort all combined. We are looking at a bike that is designed with a sturdy aluminum frame to withstand any weight. This is not only cheap but also strong and durable. In addition to that, the handlebars are short and comfortable to provide a feel of control as you ride through the desert trail. One of the best features of the Axis sport is the 27.5 inch wheel. This in the biking fraternity is considered the best combination of comfort and speed. This is because the 27.5 inch combines the best of the 29 inch and the 26 inch in a way that ensures you enjoy the best of both worlds. You therefore have traction and speed all combined in one bike. Like all its peers, the bike features a double walled rim that ensures stability in the 27.5 inch wheel. More power has been transferred to the rider thanks to the Shimano disk brakes fitted in the front wheel. This is the 3rd best hardtail mountain bike we have ever reviewed.


  • It has a 27.5 inch wheel that combines the best of both worlds in terms of traction and speed.
  • It is made from aluminum which is strong and durable.



  • The rubber is not durable.



The 2015 overdrive bike is one among many hardtails that features a 29 inch wheel but still manages to look attractive and powerful. This beast is fitted with double walled rims that make it sturdy and enhances its performance especially on rough terrains. The 29 inch wheel is especially ideal for improving the traction force and maneuvering through rocky terrains. In addition to that, it also comes in handy when you want to gather momentum with little effort. Like all other hardtails, the overdrive mountain bike comes fitted with front suspensions that provide a comfortable ride over obstacles and leaving you feeling relaxed even after a long distance ride. One outstanding feature is that it is absolutely simple in structure which comes in handy for novice bikers who are just starting out. Besides the large wheels, the saddle is raised high enough to accommodate the weight of an average adult but can be readjusted to suit individual specifications. This is the 4th best hardtail mountain bike we have ever reviewed.


  • It is simple and easy to use which makes it ideal for novice bikers who are just starting out.
  • It is easy to ride through rough terrains thanks to its large wheels.


  • It might not be ideal for shot people due to its height.



Like several other mountain bikes from Diamondback, the Sorentto bike is simple and one of the easiest to handle. The handlebars are slightly raised to ensure you do not bend too low which increases your comfort when riding. In addition to that, the saddle is positioned at a comfortable height to ensure you do not strain to find the right posture when on your daily trail. The frame of the bike is made from the sturdy aluminum material that is not only affordable but also strong enough to last you several years without replacement. One of the most outstanding features of this bike is the 27.5 inch wheel which attracts a lot of attention due to its comfort and smooth ride. This is because it easily combines the best attributes of the smaller 26 inch and the larger 29 inch to come up with a blend unrivaled. In addition to that, the spoked rims are strong enough to withstand different weights at any given time. This is the 5th best hardtail mountain bike we have ever reviewed.


  • It is simple to operate hence ideal for novices.


  • It might not be ideal for extremely tall people.



Why you should choose Best Hardtail mountain bike

It is simple

There is no debating that Hardtail mountain bike are generally mechanically simpler than the full suspension bikes. The lesser the components on the bike the easier it is for you to maintain it. With no rear suspensions and other components that accompany it, you have very little to worry about in terms of maintenance. This is important for career bikers who would rather spend time biking than repairing the bike as a result of complexity.

It is cheaper

The Hardtail mountain bikes are generally cheaper than the full suspension bikes. In many cases, you will find that the components on a Hardtail bike are stronger and cheaper because manufacturers end up spending more time on the strength and sturdiness of the frame as opposed to the non-essential rear and its components. Most of the extra expense in bikes stems from the additional rear suspensions that could be expensive even if acquired separately.

It is lighter

The Hardtail bicycles are generally lighter due to the less components used in their manufacture. The rear suspensions are made of heavier components which when put together add extra weight that you could do well without. As a result, most cross country bikers prefer the Hardtail bikes because they are light and can easily be carried uphill and across difficult terrains.


Technically, it is much easier to ride the Hardtail bike uphill than it is with the full suspension bike. This is because the peddling power in a Hardtail bike is easily transferred to the rear wheel which makes acceleration easier. When acceleration is simplified, it means you can maintain high speeds over long distances uphill which makes it a much more convenient bike to use uphill.


Frequently asked questions (FAQ) about Best hardtail mountain bike

What is the Hardtail mountain bike?

The Hardtail mountain bike is a bike that has the suspension fork on the front wheel and not on the rear wheel. The Hardtail mountain bike is generally simpler in design and construction than the full suspension mountain bike. While the full suspension is considered a much more comfortable bike, the Hardtail bike has its advantages as well that make it a preferred choice for most cross country bikers. Among the advantages is that it is relatively lighter and simpler to operate which makes it ideal for long distance biking.

Which one should I go for?

Different bikers will settle for different bikes for different reasons. Most cross country bikers are known to go for the Hardtail because of its simplicity and light weight. It is also a darling of these athletes because of its superior performance uphill. The full suspension mountain bike on the other hand is considered ideal in many terrains including rough surfaces as well as downhill. However, the ultimate choice of which bike to settle for will depend on an individual’s need and experience with these bikes. In the end, you have to settle for what makes you comfortable and suits your budget.

Things to consider before buying Best hardtail mountain bike

The first consideration that needs to be made when deciding what type of bike to buy is the design of the bike. Having identified the model, you need to be precise on the ideal feature that would suit your need. For instance, there are bikes whose frames are slightly longer than others and others that weigh slightly heavier than others. Depending on your needs, you will be able to comfortably settle for one that suits your specifications.
Different bikes are manufactured from different components. There are Hardtail bikes that are made of aluminum which is sturdy and durable material but significantly cheaper than carbon fiber. On the other hand, you could settle for steel which is more expensive but heavier. Ultimately, carbon fiber would be an ideal material because it is strong and durable but is costly and may not be worth your investment. You therefore need to go for a material that will not dent your pocket but will serve you for a long time.
Size is also an important factor you need to consider. There are Hardtail bicycles that come with the 26 inch wheel while others come with the bigger 29 inch wheel. Still, others have the medium 27.5 inch wheel which combines the best attributes of the two and is preferred by most people. In most cases, the size considerations will depend on several factors including height and experience. Make sure you go for a size that best suits you.
This is a factor that will determine whether you carry the bike home or not. Generally, Hardtail bikes are known to be relatively cheap as compared to full suspension bikes and therefore budget should not be much of a concern. However, go for a bike that will give you value for your money.

Final verdict

Best hardtail mountain bike are one of the best bikes in the market and are a preference especially to the cross country bikers. There are different types and designs available today in the market. Also, different sizes may inform the choice of what bike would be ideal for you. This notwithstanding, the final choice will be made by you and whatever choice you make, you will have something to write home about. That’s all for today about Best hardtail mountain bike.


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