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Best Mountain Bike Under 300 Dollars Reviews & Buying Guide 2017

best mountain bike under 300 dollars reviews

The modern world is characterized with exponential increases in prices of items and the general cost of living. But it might sound ridiculous if I told you that even in these trying times, lovers of mountain bikes can still ride home with a bike that costs as low as 300 dollars. So here we revealed the best mountain bike under 300 dollars reviews for you. Most mountain bike manufacturers have still found a way to navigate the murky waters of the economic recess to ensure mountain bike fun have something to write home about. For as little as 300 dollars or less, you can find a high quality mountain bike that would comfortably suit your specifications. Critics would easily argue that ‘cheap is expensive’ but in this case, the opposite is absolutely true. To shed more light into this amazing budget mountain bike deals, we have compiled a list of the top five mountain bikes that you will most likely find useful in your selection of a bike.

Comparison: Top 5 Best Mountain Bikes Under $300


Editor’s Choice: 5 Best Mountain Bikes Under $300

For less than 3oo dollars, this is probably one of the best deals you will ever secure in a mountain bike. To begin with, the bike’s frame is made from the sturdy aluminum material that ensures your bike lasts you an incredibly long time. In addition to that, the material is cheap and readily available in the event that you need a replacement or repair. Further, the bike is a full suspension mountain bike which not only provides ultimate comfort in rough terrains but also maintains your physical health and keeps you relaxed even after a long ride. And as it is characteristic of the manufacturer, the bike is designed stylishly which adds on to the comfort of the ride. It has a large wheel size of 29 inches which elevates you to an authoritative level and increases the momentum of the ride through the most difficult of terrain. Thanks to the 21 speed gear shifters from Shimano, you can comfortably shift between gears as you traverse different terrains throughout the mountain trail.


  • The bike is made from aluminum which is strong and long lasting.
  • It is huge enough to traverse rough terrains which makes it ideal for long distance riding.



  • The gear speed is limited to 21 which may not be ideal for fast riders.



The mongoose stat men’s bike is a simple and stylish bike that is manufactured with aluminum material which can be able to withstand any weight. It comes with the large 29 inch wheel that gives it extra traction powers to traverse extremely rough terrains comfortably. The bike is fitted with suspension forks in both the rear and the front wheel to offer a completely smooth ride regardless of the terrain and the surface texture. With this bike, more power and control is transferred to the rider thanks to the mechanical disk brakes in both the rear and the front wheels offering dead stoppage at high speeds. To add on to its speed and performance, the bike boasts of Shimano’s 21 speed gear shifters that provide superior acceleration both uphill and downhill. It is relatively strong and steady thanks to the steel handlebars and the double walled rims. Overall, it is conveniently lightweight to make it easy for bikers to ride uphill and even to carry it from one point to another when needs be.


  • It is lightweight which makes it ideal for cross country riders
  • It is comfortable to ride thanks to the full suspension feature.



  • It is a 29er which may not be ideal for short people.


Unlike other mountain bikes in its range, the Nashbar AT1 29er is designed to offer extra comfort and give unrivaled strength thanks to its exclusive design and material. The frame is manufactured from the sturdy aluminum material which explains the extraordinary strength of the bike. This also makes it extremely durable. In addition to that, the bike is more comfortable as a result of the suspension forks that absorb shock in rocky terrains leaving your hands and arms feeling relaxed and comfortable. You do not have to worry about the speed as it is fitted with the famous 21-speed gear shifters to help you accelerate easily in all types of terrains. The handlebars are slightly raised by 40 mm which gives you a much more comfortable posture when riding over long distances. To add on to its comfort, the saddle is padded with a soft material that gives you a massage feeling as you peddle your way to bliss.


  • It has a simple design which makes it easy to handle and easier to maintain.
  • It is ideal for novices who are just starting out in the riding experience.


  • It comes pre-assembled and therefore you have to assemble it by yourself.


The design of this beautiful bicycle is a clear indication that it was meant for the fairer gender. It is beautifully assembled with a thick double frame made from the sturdy aluminum material. According to its manufacturers, the bike can accommodate weights of up to 300 pounds at a time. This shows you how strong the bike can get. It is a full suspension mountain bike which provides full comfort features when riding in any kind of terrains. It offers shock absorbing qualities that ensure you stay fresh and energetic even after riding long distances. It is relatively smaller thanks to its 26 inch size wheel which comes in handy when you want a fast yet smooth ride. The wheels are made from alloy rims which compounds its strength and stability over rough terrains and adds on to the comfort of a long ride. A standard 21 speed gear shifters are also fitted to give speed enthusiasts an exhilarating feeling both uphill and downhill.


  • It is fitted with linear breaking system which ensures you stop at a desired place even at high speeds.
  • It is beautifully designed and is ideal for women.


  • It could be smaller for taller women due to its small wheel size.


This bike is ideal for beginners who want to experience the thrill of a smooth ride on the mountain trial. It is designed to accommodate short and young people who have no experience in the world of mountain biking. It is a full suspension bike that offers a comfort ride both uphill and downhill. The rear suspensions easily act as shock absorbers saving your abdomen from the discomfort of potholes and roots. It has the smaller and more effective wheel size of 26 inches that provides a fast and smooth ride and helps you accelerate even faster. The aluminum frame is ideal for withstanding any weight and ensures the bike lasts a long time after it is bought. The performance of the bike is also enhanced with the introduction of the 21 speed gear shifters. You can now easily maneuver rough terrains and long distances without feeling exhausted.


  • It is simple and hence ideal for beginners.
  • It is fully suspended which offer extra comfort to the rider.


  • It is relatively small and may not be ideal for tall people.


Things to consider before buying

The features on a bike are the main factors you need to consider before buying a bicycle. Different people buy different bicycles for different reasons. If you are buying a bike for professional sporting, you will need to consider whether you want the full suspension or the hardtail mountain bike. The full suspension is much more comfortable than the hardtail due to its suspension forks on both the front and the rear. However, the hardtail bike is ideal for long distances because of its simplicity and light weight. You will be expected to consider all these features before you settle for one that suits your needs.
Another important feature that you will need to consider is the components. This mainly involves the frame design and the material used in the manufacture of the bike. Again, it will depend on how much money you are willing to spend on a bike. If you can afford the carbon fiber material which is strong and extremely durable, the better for you. However, aluminum is the ideal choice for most customers because it is affordable and durable as well.
The size of the bike you settle for will be informed by your size as a person and your preference. There are different sizes ranging from the smaller 26 inch to the larger 29 inch. Both have different advantages and disadvantages but at the end of the day, it all depends on your personal preference. If both of them are a bit uncomfortable for you, then you can go for the medium 27.5 inches which blends the advantages from both sizes.
Finally, the budget is what determines what each customer walks home with. However, this should not be a major constraint in today’s market as manufacturers have begun factoring in the low income earners. For less than 300 dollars, you can still ride home with a nice high quality mountain bike with all your desired specifications. However, always settle for a bike that does not break the bank but serves its purpose.

Final verdict

The availability of cheap mountain bikes in the market today has made it possible for all biking funs to afford at least one bike. With less than 300 dollars, you can be able to get yourself an extremely beautiful and durable mountain bike as you can see from the above list. The fact that you are here means you are in need of one of these bikes and the above information should be able to satisfy your curiosity and help you with your decision. Make sure you take time before making a choice, but always know that the possibilities are endless. I think you got helped in this best mountain bike under 300 dollars reviews post.


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