Best Mountain Bikes Under $1500 reviews & buying guide 2017 (UPDATED)

A few years back, it was impossible to find a decent mountain bike for $1500 or less. These
bikes were extremely popular back then, so their prices were high. Luckily, nowadays they are more than just affordable, and there are a lot of great models on the market. This also means

that the number of the best mountain bikes under $1500 is on the increase.
The main difference, between this and a higher price range, is the fact you cannot afford an E-bike. They are still slightly more expensive, and they come with additional features/systems, so their price has to be higher. On the other hand, if you are looking for a bike that is reliable, durable and specifically built to withstand demanding usages and rides, this price range is more than sufficient.
When it comes to the suspension, the situation is slightly more complicated. Here you can find hard tail and soft tail models as well, but getting a decent soft tail model is slightly difficult.
Anyway, you will still get a superb suspension that will make your ride comfortable and much better, no matter on which terrain you ride it.
A great thing is that you get discs as standard on most models. We actually have compared and tested only models with this feature, simply because they guarantee a much better braking results and they are safer as well. This is more than just important when you ride a bike on muddy terrain or dust, where conventional brakes may fail at any given moment. Disc brakes will still stay perfectly functional, so we can even say that they are mandatory for mountain bikes.
Gearing systems, made from high-end manufacturers and capable of delivering impressive performances are also available in this price range. Most models are equipped with SRAM systems, which are much appreciated. However, it is possible to get a mountain bike with Shimano gearing system. This system is well-known as the best gearing system on bikes ever designed and it is commonly used for fully professional bikes.
Weight, or better said less weight is important simply because it allows for the riders to achieve riders speeds and ride for a longer period of time. We prefer bikes with, as low weight as possible, but the frame and other components should stay strong and durable. The combination of aluminum, carbon, steel and magnesium will do the trick and for the first time, we have some models that feature all of these materials, but they are still less than $1500.
Because we believe that this is one of the most popular categories to choose from, we invested a lot of time and effort in finding the best mountain bikes under $1500. Don’t be skeptical and wait to see which models can be yours. All of them are more than just impressive and thanks to the price, they are more than just affordable as well.

Our Picks

Comparison: Top 5 Best Mountain Bikes Under $1500

1. BEIOU Carbon Fiber 650B Mountain Bike

10.7 kg is the total weight of a new BEIOU Carbon Fiber 650B Mountain Bike! Still, this is a professional mountain bike that has a lot to offer and it is designed to meet expectations of the most demanding cyclists. One of the reasons is the price. The original price is almost two times higher than this one, so you will get a bike that comes from a much higher price range, obviously. In simple words, this means that all the features you will get are standard for more expensive mountain bikes, but you will still get them with this model. It is literally one of the best mountain bikes under $1500 and can be compared to more expensive models.
It all starts with the frame. It is made from carbon fiber, so the mentioned weight isn’t an issue.
This material is well-known for extreme strength, but low weight. As such, it is used in the car industry, in hypercar production. Now you can understand why this bike weighs only 10.7 kg!
Another, an advanced feature that should be mentioned is the gearing system. It is Shimano M610 and it features 3×10 gears. There is no point in telling you that this is a durable and well-designed gearing system, suitable for professional mountain bikes.
At the front, you will have UDING DH32 suspension, and at the rear, rigid style is used. This is a common layout for hardcore mountain bikes, so it is more advantageous than a drawback.
Brakes are made by Shimano as well, but they are hydraulic, which improves the stopping distance and makes the entire braking system more effective in braking. An interesting addition is a hidden brake that makes the entire bike look slightly better. Add the fact that wheels are 27.5 inches in diameter and you get a mountain bike that is perfect for enthusiasts who want the best.


– Lightweight 10.7 kg.

– 3×10 Shimano gearing system.

– 27.5-inch wheels.

– Carbon fiber frame.

-Front suspension.


– Available in two color versions only and they are similar.

– Hidden disk brake may be a drawback for some cyclists.

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2. Diamondback Bicycles 2016 Atroz Comp Complete READY RIDE Full Suspension

This is another mountain bike on the list that deserves a lot of attention. It is modern, comes with advanced features and it is also native to the more expensive segment. Now, it is more like a bargain and it is one of those models that should be checked out, just to make sure. We will start with the price. It is one of the most affordable models here, but according to the specifications, it is one of the best equipped. We liked the frame the most. It is made of aluminum and it is a high-quality unit, capable of withstanding even the toughest applications.
The suspension system is available at the front and at the back. The manufacturer used Rock Shox Monarch R brand, which guarantees a decent quality and even better performances. At the front, you get a fork with 120 mm travel, more than just needed.
The SRAM gearing system is present as well. It features 10 gears and all of them feature easy shifting system. We prefer Shimano models, but in the recent years SRAM has made some of the magnificent gearing systems, so it is more than just appreciated nowadays. Brakes are amasterpiece as well. They are Tektro Gemini and they are completely hydraulic. Thanks to them, the stopping distance is at least 15% shorter than most bikes can achieve. For mountain
bike enthusiasts, this is a mandatory priority.
There are a few additional facts to be mentioned about this mountain bike. Chain slap has been completely eliminated thanks to the high chainstay feature that is very rare, but still standard for this model. At the front, you get a more than the just perfect crankset, specially developed for bikes from a higher class this manufacturer offers. Add 160 mm braking rotors and Kenda tires and you will get a professional mountain bike at a price of an ordinary bike.


– Tektro Gemini brakes with 160 mm rotors.

– Front and rear suspension.

– SRAM gearing transmission.

– No chain slap.

– Aluminum frame with increased strength.

– Lightweight.

– Great value for money.


– The design isn’t special.

– The seat is uncomfortable.

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3. BEIOU Carbon Dual Suspension MTB 650B Bike

The BEIOU Carbon Dual Suspension MTB 650B Bike is one of the more interesting options here. It is also more expensive, but it comes with interesting features and capabilities. We liked this model and we highly recommend it. The weight is 12.7 kg, thanks to the carbon fiber frame capable of withstanding the toughest challenges. The wheels share the same benefit, so we can assume how hardcore this bike actually is. For braking and shifting gears is responsible Shimano. LTWOO system is standard. It offers 11 gears and smooth shifting in all conditions.
Shimano is also responsible for designing and making hydraulic brakes you can get on this bike. The rear suspension is AIR HYPER DNM AO-22, one of more special and more interesting suspension units right now. At the front, you also get a high-quality suspension that is borrowed from more expensive models, made by this manufacturer. This feature makes riding more comfortable and allows you to jump literally anywhere you want. As such, this is a professional mountain bike, designed for extreme conditions and riders that want to push it to the max. Even the hubs and the seat are made from carbon fiber to save weight. The chain, gearing system, and the tires are also high-end units, commonly found on extra-expensive mountain bikes. All of this means that you will be an owner of a special mountain bike.
The BEIOU Carbon Dual Suspension MTB 650B mountain bike is a new version, designed to bring more features and more improvements in this class. We have an all-new frame, T700 which is made in a completely new way, so it is even more durable than the previous model if that is possible. Handlebar shares the unibody design, allowing for the riders to perform all kinds of stunt with this mountain bike. The model we tested is 18 inches in size, and it is black-orange. This color pattern looks fresh and we liked it a lot, especially thanks to the matt black paint.


– Shimano braking and gear systems.

– Carbon fiber frame.

– Lightweight (12.7 kg).

– All-new frame and handlebar.

– 11 gears gearing system.

– Front and rear suspension.

– Seat is more comfortable than similar models have to offer.


– Price is slightly more expensive.

– Available in one color only.

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4. BEIOU Carbon Fiber Mountain Bike Hardtail MTB

This is a highly recommended model. If you are looking one of the most affordable mountain bikes, with a lot of features and extra-high building quality, it is one of the best mountain bikes under $1500. Just because it is affordable, it doesn’t mean it is a low-quality unit. This model comes with a new frame as well, so the weight is 10.6 kg or one of the lowest in this class. The durability shouldn’t be taken into consideration, due to the fact we know this manufacturer is well-known for great mountain bikes.
Shimano gearing system is a masterpiece and it is a well-known 3×10 system, which we like. It is smooth, accurate and it is capable of delivering high-end performances. Thanks to the frame, suspension and gearing system we honestly believe that this mountain bike is more suitable as a professional bike for extreme usages than for any other application. The front suspension is one of the best you can possibly find and thanks to the hard tail, all kinds of stunts are possible.

Be free to try them!

It isn’t very common to get the ability to choose different color versions with mountain bikes, especially not from this price range. However, the model here is different. It is available in black, red and orange color versions, all fitted with the features and systems we have mentioned. All versions come with a mat black color as standard and golden suspension, which we like as well. Available sizes are 17, 19 and 21 inches, meaning that every single cyclist can choose a corresponding model. Note: This mountain bike is designed for professional athletes and enthusiasts who are looking or an excellent bike on a budget.


– The weight is only 10.6 kg.

– Shimano gearing system, 3×10 gears.

– Carbon fiber frame.

– Aluminum rims.

– For professional athletes.


– Assemble may be complicated.

– The only hard tail version is available.

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5. Diamondback Bicycles Recoil Comp 29er Full Suspension Frame Mountain Bike

With the Diamondback Bicycles Recoil Comp 29er Full Suspension Frame Mountain Bike situation is very simple. This is an affordable, professional mountain bike that comes with all the features you are going to need and something more. We liked the ability to choose 29-inch wheels (16 and 18 versions are available as well). The next thing we were impressed with is the frame. It is made from aluminum, but of a special type, known as T6. This is an industrial grade metal that is used in the airplane industry. It is lighter but stronger than conventional types of
aluminum. As such, this mountain bike is very durable and can withstand huge amounts of stress. And yes, the frame is handmade!

At the back, we have Rocks ox Monarch R suspension, perfectly balanced between the ability to withstand huge jumps and rough usage, and at the front, we have SR Sun 100 mm fork. It is more focused on the heavy-duty applications than on comfort, so 100 mm of travel isn’t insufficient. In general, this is a comfortable bike that can be used on tough terrain and it will still put a smile on your face. A useful addition are components that are paired with the frame and the suspension. All of them are also designed to withstand rough usages, which we prefer actually.
Gearing system had to be more than just good, so we have Shimano Altus 3×9 unit. It is extremely reliable and durable, as a proper mountain bike needs. We liked the shifting and the smoothness this unit delivers every single time you shift a gear. The brakes are also made by Shimano and they are some of the best in the class.


– High-quality T6 aluminum.

– Handmade frame.

– Shimano gearing system and brakes.

– Available in different sizes.

– Rocks ox Monarch R suspension.

– Comfortable.


– Available only in one color.

– The handlebar could be more comfortable.

6. Diamondback Bicycles 2016 Mission 1

Straight from the beginning, you should know that this is a professional mountain bike, designed for professional athletes and usages on all kinds of terrain. The Diamondback Bicycles 2016 Mission 1 features the latest and the most sophisticated systems ever fitted to a mountain bike. The bottom line is very simple. This is a heavy-duty bike specifically designed and made for individuals who are going to use all of its potential. The frame is made from T6 aluminum, which we had the opportunity to test several times. It is extremely durable, but still lightweight.
The suspension used on this mountain bike is Knuckle Box, one of the best mountain bike suspensions you can possibly have. It is present at the front and at the back, and it is a masterpiece. You cannot damage it, nor break it, no matter what you do with this bike. The fork is CTD air and at the rear, we have LV version. Besides the fact they are heavy-duty units, they are very comfortable.
Gearing system is SRAM X7, another unit we encountered a few times. All owners, professional cyclists, and bike fans claim it is one of the best, currently available on the market. What is important, is that the derailleur is specially optimized for smooth shifting on rough terrain, when you and the bike are literally jumping all the time. As you would expect, we are more than just satisfied with this feature. Narrow Wide crankset is another feature we should mention. It is also a high-end component, commonly seen on professional and very expensive mountain bikes. An interesting addition is the hardware mounting solution. It involves only 3 mounting points, another fact which is characteristic for professional mountain bikes. The bottom line is that this is a highly sophisticated mountain bike that is made to be ridden in the woods, tough terrain and etc. It isn’t a city bike!


– One of the best suspensions on the market.

– SRAM X7 gearing system is perfect.

– T6 aluminum frame offers stability and strength.


– Expensive.

– Handles.

– Requires frequent maintenance.

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The final thought

Finally, you can get an idea how the best mountain bikes under $1500 look like and what they have to offer. All of these models are superb when it comes to performances, riding on rough terrain and demanding all mountain bike’s capabilities, despite the fact they are also affordable.
The secret is, most of them come from higher price ranges and they are designed as semi or fully professional models. Now, they are available at a discount, so they are finally affordable.
Keep in mind that all models here are definitely a safe buy option, no matter which one you choose.
We liked the gearing systems, suspension and the high-quality frames, all made to last and all designed to be used where mountain bikes are native. Once again, just because these bikes are affordable, it doesn’t mean they are cheap! You will be able to ride them anywhere you prefer and to enjoy in all of their benefits for a longer period of time. The design is suitable for them as well, which means that a lot of people will ask you where and how much you paid for your new mountain bike. Models on the list are very popular at the moment, so it would be ideal if you
could get one as soon as possible, while they are still available.