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Best Mountain Bikes Under 500 Dollars – Reviews & Buying Guide 2017

Best Mountain Bikes Under 500 Dollars

For several years now, mountain bikes have been a preferred choice for many people in terms of exercise and for thrill seekers. And this has not been misinformed at all. So here we revealed the Best Mountain Bikes Under 500 Dollars for you. Mountain bikes are not only fun to ride but they are also long lasting and have the ability to go almost everywhere. In order to get a good mountain bike, there are a number of factors that you must consider, price being at the top of the list. But this should not be a problem at all. Over the years, the price of mountain bikes has been dropping mainly to accommodate the growing number of customers who want different types and designs of mountain bikes. For as low as 500 dollars, you can secure a good bike that will have all the features you will ever need in a bike. Below is a list of some of the best mountain bikes under 500 dollars.

Top 5 Best Mountain Bikes Under 500 Dollars

Editors Choice: 5 Best Mountain Bikes Under 500 Dollars

Diamondback Bicycle 2016 Overdrive Hard Tail Mountain Bike

To begin with, this is a 27.5 inch wheel mountain bike with an aluminum frame that maintains the strength and the sturdiness of the bike. The saddle is raised by 40mm to provide a comfortable posture that matches the position of the handlebars. The handlebars are made of steel which gives a firm grip on the hands and also ensures you have total control of the bike as you roll over varied terrains. The front suspension forks come in handy especially on bumpy and rough surfaces by acting as shock absorbers. This gives a comfortable feeling on your hands and upper arms especially if you are riding fast. It features a mechanical disk brake that transfers most of the power and control to you as you ride so you do not have to worry about stopping. This also helps in keeping you safe especially in dangerous situations. The rims are also double walled and made from alloy which supplements the large size by increasing the strength and overall traction force of the bike.


  • It is large in size and this is ideal for exercise and comfort.
  • It has a simple design which is easy to maintain.


  • Because of its size, shorter people might find it difficult to ride it over long distances.


This is another great design from SE Bikes that comes at an affordable price. Unlike its peers, the bike’s frame is not the conventional aluminum, but a double butted alloy that is semi-integrated. It is relatively high because of its 29 inch wheels that make it a convenient bargain for tall people. It features a front suspension fork that is ideal for rocky and bumpy surfaces. These serve as shock absorbers which leave your upper body relaxed after a long ride. The saddle is padded with a soft rubber material that provides a comfortable seating surface which also comes in handy when you are traversing the loose surface and rocky terrains. The height of the saddle can be readjusted to suit your own convenience as well. The mechanical disk braking system assures you of a safe stoppage during emergencies.


  • It is lightweight and this makes it ideal for long distance biking.


  • The alloy material used in the frame manufacture is not as strong as aluminum.


The Protocol 1.0 from Schwinn offers a good option for low budget customers who want value for their money. The bike features 26 inch wheels that are synonymous to a smooth ride and easy acceleration over long distances. The small wheel also makes the bike lighter and hence ideal for cross country riders. This is further compounded by strong and durable double-walled rims that are characterized by a bladed spokes for strength and perfection. Being a dual suspension bike, it means the suspension forks are on both the front and the rear wheels which adds to the comfort of the bike. The rear suspension forks act as shock absorbers while the front forks are ideal when climbing over obstacles.


  • The bike is strong due to the fact that it is made from the sturdy aluminum material.
  • It is small and relatively light which makes it ideal for cross country biking.


  • The rubber quality of the wheel is not up to standard.


The status 3.0 is a stylish 26 inch mountain bike from Mongoose. It features the 26 inch wheels that are relatively small yet convenient especially when it comes to cross country biking. The dual suspension beast also comes with the standard 24 speed gear shifts from Shimano which ensures that the performance and adaptability of the bike is up to standard. This allows you to easily change gears to match the terrain and surface that you are riding on. The frame is manufactured from the strong yet affordable aluminum material that increases the life span of the bike. In addition to that, the dual suspension feature allows novices to enjoy this bike because it comes with an unrivaled thrill. Unlike other mountain bikes in the same class, this beast has disk brakes on both the front and the rear wheels and this only tells you how safe it is.


  • It is safe to ride due to its front and rear disk brakes.
  • It is stylish in design which makes it aesthetically attractive.


  • It is a bit complex and may be difficult to maintain for first time bikers.


The Sorrento hard tail is a masterpiece from diamondback with several unique features. To begin with, this bike comes with a simple design that automatically communicates its authority in the biking industry. The design consists of a simple frame made from the strong aluminum material connected to a softly padded saddle that gives you a comfortable feel. This is complemented by a steel handlebar that gives a firm grip on the hands, making you feel in control of the bicycle. In addition to that, the bike is fitted with mechanical disk brakes that not only transfers all the braking power to your hands, but also makes you feel safe as you ride through different terrains. This hard tail bike comes with front suspension forks that give the rider a comfortable feel both on smooth and bumpy roads. It is relatively large with the 29 inch wheels that enhance the traction power of the bike in addition to increasing the momentum when riding uphill or through loose surface roads. Its simplicity makes it easier to assemble and put together all the parts.


  • It has a simple design that makes it easy for first time riders to assemble and use.
  • It is made from aluminum which is not only strong, but also durable.


  • It is a 29er which might be relatively large, especially for shorter people.


Why you should choose the best mountain bikes under 500 dollars ?


These mountain bikes come with a variety of features that offer a level of comfort that you cannot find in any other bike. For instance, there are bikes that go for less than 500 dollars, but come with full suspension features on both wheels. This is ideal for your ultimate comfort because it offers shock absorbing capabilities which mean you do not get tired even after a long ride.

They are the best low price bikes

A mountain bike that goes for less than 500 dollars is generally considered cheap. While cheap is relative, the features on a mountain bike and the service you expect to get from it may well be more than the price of the bike. Lowest price offers you the best options and a variety of them as well to choose from. For less than 500 dollars, you will secure an aluminum mountain bike that is strong enough to carry your weight and durable enough to last you a lifetime. So for less than 500 dollars, you will get the best the market has to offer and you will be glad that you did.

Health benefit

Mountain bikes are not only fun to ride, but they also offer a whole lot of health benefits to your body. For instance, mountain bikes have been known to strengthen your joints and this may be helpful especially for the elderly. Apart from that, it also generally reduces your stress level so you do not have to age faster due to stress. Stress is also known to cause several health problems that may be problematic for you in the long run. Riding a bike also boosts your level of confidence. As you go hitch hiking in the mountains, you encounter a lot of challenges which you must overcome. When you overcome them, you get a feeling of self worth which boosts your self esteem.

It saves you money

Buying a mountain bike for less than 500 dollars saves you a lot of money as well. Instead of spending over 1000 dollars on a bike, you can opt for the equally great 500 dollar or less bike and end up saving over 500 dollars which you will channel to other uses. The beauty with this bargain is the fact that you will still get the same service and comfort you would have gotten from a more expensive bike, only that you get it at a cheaper price.


Things to consider before buying The Best Mountain Bikes Under 500 Dollars

The design of the bike you want to buy will matter because of two important things. First, you must consider the comfort the bike has to offer. This is because there are two different options as far as the design of the bike is concerned. Secondly, you must consider the purpose of the bike you are buying. Having put all these things into consideration, you are free to choose from the available options. Remember, there is the full suspension bike which has suspension forks on both the front and rear wheels and then there is the hard tail bike which has suspension forks on the front wheel. So consider these factors before making up your mind.
You also need to consider the material and components of the bike. Here, you have to choose from three possible options. The frames of these bikes are usually manufactured from different materials. For instance, you have aluminum, steel and carbon fiber. In other instances, you may have to also consider alloys and granite. Each of these materials comes with its own advantages and disadvantages. Aluminum is affordable; carbon fiber is slightly expensive, while steel nearly cheap. Put all these factors into consideration before making a choice.
The size of the bike will mainly depend on your size as a person and the purpose for which you intend to use the bike. If you are a career biker, you are better off with the smaller 26 inch size or the medium 27.5 inch size. If you are tall, you will be more comfortable with the larger 29 inch size. Career bikers prefer the smaller bike because it is lighter and does not require a lot of energy to pedal. The larger one is however ideal for exercise and other uses.
The budget should not be much of a problem because it will cost less than 500 dollars anyway. However, it will determine the exact design and style of the bike you will carry home. The more expensive bikes are more comfortable and are of more quality, but all in all, you still end up getting value for your money. Always make sure you get a good bargain for your money.

Final verdict

There are several advantages that come with getting a Best Mountain Bikes Under 500 Dollars. You are able to save a lot of money for the same level of comfort and style as other people. It is always advisable to do a thorough research on the different types of bikes available in the market before committing your money on a particular one.



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