Know The Distinct Features Of Modern CX Bikes

People, who are interested in bike or cycle riding and often participate in races, perhaps have heard of the cyclocross bike. Before clarifying the model of this bike, it is better to have some details on cyclocross race. This is such a race, which include both kinds of cycling- on and off the road. The terrain, on which the racers run, may be pavement, woodland tracks or grass. This cyclocross race may be enjoyed at any time of a year, and the bikes, intended for the race, are also much versatile.
The CX bikes are quite sturdy in look. They are designed in a way, which is slightly different from other common motorbikes. In many of the features of these bikes, you may find those differences.

Framework of the bikes-

Some notable differences may be found in the structure of CX bikes. The wheelbase of the bikes is quite longer in order to offer better stability. The angles of the frame are not much sharp, and that is why it assists the riders in handling the vehicle. The upper tube is also short in size, and it allows one to have the most upright position, while riding.

Gearing system-

Generally, the cyclocross bikes, which are available in the market, are intended for bike contest, and they have twofold chainset along with a broad cassette. While riding on the road, it provides a top proportion. However, it leads to an excellent speed during the cyclocross racing.
There is another trait to be noted in a CX bike. And it is the steering of bike’s gear. The wire of back brakes also remain in completely enclosed position. The internal tube steering may also be observed and it allows the protection of cables during adverse conditions.

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Brakes of the bike-

Nowadays, the disc brakes are integrated with CX brakes, which are launched for races. Moreover, the bikes of this category have these discs. In some of the high standard models, complete hydraulic structures are very common. In the old models, you can find cantilever frame in order to clear mud. However, disc brakes offer very fast and steady braking. It seems to be quite simpler to adjust them for having the right level of effectiveness for stopping.

Tires of the bikes-

The tire structures of CX bikes are quite larger in volume, in compared to the common motorbike tires. This leads to the better cushioning and an improved resistance against tire puncture. Such bike tires may be either tubeless or tubular because it decreases the risk of facing the flat tire problem. The wheels, in fact, looks as the MTB wheels. The spokes are also more in number in order to offer robustness and strength.
Thus, these features may help you to realize that the CX bikes are comparatively more robust and offer more stability. Some of the models of these bikes also have a cage in order to allow you in keeping bottles. You can drink anytime during your long race.

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