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In Editor's point of view this is one of the best full suspension mountain bike under 300 Dollars

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For most women, it is usually a great challenge finding a mountain bike that would give them quality service at an affordable price. This is understandable because for women, several factors need to be considered before a proper bike that fits their needs can be chosen. However, Mantis has solved this problem with the design of the Mantis Women’s 26 Orchid Full Suspension Bicycle. The following is a detailed review of some of its great features.

Features of the Mantis Women’s 26” Orchid Full Suspension Bicycle

Dual suspension

Being a woman’s bike, it is only fair that the Mantis Women’s 26 Orchid Full Suspension Bicycle should have suspension forks on both the front and the rear wheel. This feature comes with a lot of advantages as it ensures you always enjoy a comfortable ride irrespective of the terrain in which you operate. The front suspension forks are ideal in ensuring the shocks sustained on rough terrains are neutralized to the extent that they leave you feeling relaxed and rested even after a very long ride.

Steel suspension frame

Another feature that greatly stands out with the Mantis Women’s 26 Orchid Full Suspension Bicycle is the sturdy steel frame that the bike comes with. Steel is known to be a very heavy metal and this would come as an added advantage to the rider because it helps in increasing the overall stability of the bike. This is made possible by the fact that the heavy frame presses firmly against the road surface and this enhances the bike’s stability. Also, steel is known to be a relatively sturdy material that would come in handy as far as strength and durability of the bike is concerned.


The Mantis Women’s 26 Orchid Full Suspension Bicycle also has some extra safety features installed on it including the V-brakes. The high quality braking system helps in improving the safety of the bike as they give you more control of the bike when you ride even at extremely high speeds. In addition to that, the great brakes also come as an advantage to the bike as it increases the stopping power to help you have ultimate control at all times.

Specifications of the Mantis Women’s 26” Orchid Full Suspension Bicycle

  • Frame: Steel frame.
  • Dimensions: L35 x H41 x W23
  • Suspensions: Shimano suspension forks
  • Gears: Shimano 21 speed shifts
  • Breaks: V- brakes
  • Wheels: 26 inches


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Benefits of the Mantis Women’s 26” Orchid Full Suspension Bicycle


One major benefit of the Mantis Women’s 26 Orchid Full Suspension Bicycle is the availability of suspension forks on both wheels. Being a woman’s bike, it is important that the bike is as comfortable as advertised. To this end, Mantis has ensured that the front wheel together with rear wheel have both been fitted by high quality steel suspension forks that help in absorbing shocks encountered along the way. The front forks are ideal in absorbing shocks that result from the front wheel going over roots and rocks in the mountains and forests. On the other hand, the rear wheels protects your lower body from shocks that are caused by the bike dropping from higher grounds and this also protects you from unnecessary fatigue and exhaustion.

Great stopping power

As far as the stopping power is concerned, the manufacturer ensured that this is well taken care of by installing high quality V-brakes that perform quite effectively under extreme conditions. If you are an enthusiast of the thrill of a free fall on a sloppy terrain, then you can be sure that these brakes will definitely get you to where you want to go safely. In addition to that, it is also quite easy to control the bike even when you are rolling fast because the brakes assure you of a dead stop under whatever circumstance.

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Another outstanding benefit of the Mantis Women’s 26 Orchid Full Suspension Bicycle is the unique frame design. The frame is designed in such a way that it is quite easy and convenient for women with different sizes to ride the bike quite comfortably. The horizontal bar has a depression at the center to give room for anyone willing to ride this bike to feel free and comfortable. The bike also comes with a steel handlebar that is not only firm but also gives the bike a stable feel. The rims are made from the sturdy but light aluminum material to add onto its stability and also for extra strength.


As far as the drawbacks are concerned, the Mantis Women’s 26 Orchid Full Suspension Bicycle comes with very minimal problems that can easily be sorted out. For instance, it has a relatively smaller saddle than its peers and this makes the riding experience quite uncomfortable. However, this single problem cannot negate the overall comfort of this bike. You can easily find a much bigger and wider replacement that fits on the bike and still get to enjoy the ride for a very long.


  • The dual suspension feature gives the bike a much more comfortable feel.
  • It has a unique frame that makes riding convenient.
  • It is relatively fast thanks to the high quality Shimano brakes.


  • The saddle has a smaller surface area that does not feel comfortable when you sit on it.

Customer Reviews of the Mantis Women’s 26” Orchid Full Suspension Bicycle

The Mantis Women’s 26 Orchid Full Suspension Bicycle has received plenty of positive reviews from customers. Most of the customers are contented with the general look and design of the bike. It is also relatively comfortable than most bikes thanks to its dual suspension feature and this is what attracts most customers to it. All customers agree to the fact that it is one of the easiest bikes to assemble and this gives them an easier time putting it together.

However, some of the customers think that the bike has a smaller than average saddle that compromises the overall comfort of the ride. The saddle needs to be replaced with a wider one that would make you feel much more comfortable.

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Final verdict

When it comes to comfort and style, the Mantis Women’s 26 Orchid Full Suspension Bicycle is definitely the ultimate women’s mountain bike. It comes with a number of user friendly features that will make the women feel at home with it. We recommend that you try out this bike to experience dignity and comfort at its best.

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