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In Editor's point of view this is one of the best hardtail mountain bike under 300 Dollars

Pacific Bikes has introduced an ideal entry level women’s bike that will be able to cater for the needs of most women who are new to biking. It is a relatively small bike that combines a little bit of every great feature of the best bikes in the market to come up with an ideal bike that will satisfy each customer. It is the Pacific Women’s Stratus Mountain Bike. After a thorough research, we have come up with some of the best features that make this bike stand out. Here we revealed the detailed Pacific Women’s Stratus Mountain Bike reviews for you.

Features of the Pacific Women’s Stratus Mountain Bike

Steel frame

The Pacific Women’s Stratus Mountain Bike comes with a steel frame that boasts of a number of advantages that you will find attractive. To begin with, the frame is specially designed to accommodate a number of women with varying heights. This is made possible by the inclined design that allows women to comfortably fit and ride it without straining. In addition to that, the frame is made of the strong steel material that can withstand several elements to last you a number of years without the need for a replacement. The fact that it is heavy also comes in handy in giving the bike extra stability because it firmly presses against the road.

26 inch wheels

Also, the Pacific Women’s Stratus Mountain Bike comes with the smaller 26 inch wheels that combine a number of factors to ensure the small size is as good as advertised. For starters, the small wheels tend to be faster than the larger wheels because of their increased revolutions. To this end, it means little effort is required to propel the tires forward and this works to your advantage as it keeps you from feeling exhausted after a long ride. The small wheels are also instrumental in giving the bike a low profile that most women will no doubt find convenient.

15 speed shifters

The Pacific Women’s Stratus Mountain Bike is fitted with thumb shifters that are much easier to use and hence convenient in shifting between different gears. With the small size of the bike, the gear shifts give it a powerful torque that contributes to the speed and performance of the bike much to the advantage of the rider. It is also relatively easier to shift from one gear to the next depending on the terrain.

Specifications of the Pacific Women’s Stratus Mountain Bike

  • Frame: Steel frame.
  • Dimensions: L25 x H50 x W7.3
  • Suspensions: None
  • Gears: Shimano 15 speed shifts
  • Breaks: Steel caliper brakes
  • Wheels: 26 inches


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Benefits of the Pacific Women’s Stratus Mountain Bike


The one great benefit of the Pacific Women’s Stratus Mountain Bike is its unique design. The bike comes with a uniquely designed frame that consists of a slanting horizontal bar that creates more room for you to ride the bike quite comfortably. The frame is designed from steel which is generally heavier than other materials. This comes in handy in ensuring the bike stays stable and firm on the ground which also increases its safety. To add on to this, the adjustable saddle also makes it much easier for people with varying heights to comfortably ride this bike. This is the reason why this bike comes highly recommended by different customers. Also, the fact that the saddle can be adjusted gives you a great riding posture in relation to the handlebars. This leaves you feeling much more energized and comfortable as opposed to feeling fatigued after a long ride.

Great controllability

The Pacific Women’s Stratus Mountain Bike is also relatively easier to ride and control thanks to a combination of a number of features. For starters, the bike comes with high quality steel caliper brakes that allow you to stop quite easily especially under stressful circumstances. This transfers much of the control to you giving you the much needed peace of mind that most bikers usually need. Also, it comes with firm steel handlebars that offer added stability to the rider further enhancing the controllability of the bike. Lastly, it comes with the smaller 26 inch wheel size that most women will find easy to handle. The small wheel comes with several other advantages including making the ride smoother than normal and also reducing the energy required to ride the bike.


There are a number of drawbacks that would compromise the effectiveness of the Pacific Women’s Stratus Mountain Bike. One of them is the fact that it comes with the traditional linear brakes. In the modern world, the linear brakes may not be as effective as the disk brakes. Disk brakes are considered more effective than pull brakes for the simple fact that they do not depend on how wet or how dry the rim of the bike is. Also, the bike is a rigid model that tends to be more uncomfortable due to lack of proper shock absorption capabilities. All the shocks arising from the terrain are therefore absorbed by the body and this result in extreme fatigue after riding. Apart from this, the bike is fairly a high quality bike.


  • It is small in size which makes it ideal for women.
  • It is made from the sturdy steel material which is firm and stable.


  • It has no suspensions which makes it a fairly uncomfortable bike.
  • The linear brakes are not as effective as disk brakes.

Customer reviews of the Pacific Women’s Stratus Mountain Bike

As far as the customer reviews are concerned, the Pacific Women’s Stratus Mountain Bike is a relatively comfortable and nice bike for the price. Most customers are glad that the bike is affordable and therefore an ideal choice for bikers who want to spend less on a bike. It is also firm and well built which gives it a stable feel when you ride.

On the other hand, most customers are not impressed by the fact that the bike has no suspension forks. Being rigid, it is probably one of the most uncomfortable bikes and this greatly limits its approval rating. Also, the brakes being the rim model, they ‘barely work’ according to one customer.

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Final verdict

For its price, the Pacific Women’s Stratus Mountain Bike is a fairly good choice for women and comes with a number of features that most people will find appealing. It is a simple bike that comes highly recommended for entry level bikers.


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