Thruster T-29 29er Men’s Mountain Bike Reviews

Thruster T-29 overall Review




In Editor's point of view this is one of the best hardtail mountain bike under 300 Dollars

Different mountain bike manufacturers have different designs for their bikes. It is this design and size that mainly inform the pricing of the bike. A bigger mountain bike will generally be more expensive than a smaller bike. However, one bike has defined this general rule to emerge as one of the biggest and cheapest bikes in the market. It is the Thruster T-29 29er Men’s Mountain bike. Today we have compiled a well researched article to give you more insights on what the bike is all about.

Features of The Thruster T-29 29er Men’s Mountain bike

29 inch wheels

The Thruster T-29 29er Men’s Mountain bike is among the few bikes that combine the great features of a huge wheel to give the best performance. For starters, the large 29 inch wheels are ideal in providing a greater traction force that helps you maneuver some of the most difficult terrains. In addition to that, the wheels come with an enhanced momentum that allows you to move faster while utilizing minimum strength. The huge wheels also significantly raise the profile of the bike which gives you an authoritative position as you traverse the mountains.

Aluminum frame

The Thruster T-29 29er Men’s Mountain bike is one of the few bikes that come with the heat treated aluminum frame that gives the bike its lightweight. This comes as an advantage to the rider because the reduced weight makes it easier to cycle both uphill and downhill. Also, the aluminum frame is one of the strongest metals despite being among the lightest in the market. This increases the stability and strength of the bike to the advantage of the rider. The frame is also simple in design which makes it much easier to maintain.

Great safety features

The Thruster T-29 29er Men’s Mountain bike comes with a host of safety features that blend to ensure you are not only safe, but also comfortable as you ride through the mountain trails. To begin with, the bike comes with high quality rim brakes that are easier to use. The brake pads are strategically positioned on the front and rear wheels to ensure a dead stop under all possible circumstances. The rims are a little bit thicker than normal thanks to their double walled nature to ensure the brake pads do not fail at all.

Specifications of The Thruster T-29 29er Men’s Mountain Bike

  • Frame: Hand Built Aluminum frame
  • Dimensions: L37 x H41 x W23
  • Suspensions: Shimano suspension forks
  • Gears: Shimano 21 speed shifts
  • Breaks: Linear pull brakes
  • Wheels: 29 inches


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Benefits of The Thruster T-29 29er Men’s Mountain Bike

Huge wheels

The most important benefit of the Thruster T-29 29er Men’s Mountain bike is the 29 inch wheels. The wheels are the biggest and possibly the best in terms of power and performance. The large wheels are advantageous for a number of reasons. First, they are responsible for the high profile nature of the bike because they raise the bike higher. This gives you a powerful posture that would also reduce the discomfort that come with riding a low profile mountain bike. Secondly, the huge wheels contribute immensely to the performance of the bike in general. They have an increased traction force that works to your advantage, especially in rough terrains because they help propel the bike forward with much less strength. In addition to that, the huge wheels come with an enhanced momentum that also increases the overall speed of the bike.


Another benefit associated with the Thruster T-29 29er Men’s Mountain bike is its simple and stylish design. The bike comes as a preferable entry level bike because the aluminum frame is much lighter and hence easier to handle. It is also much easier to maintain this bike because it does not come with several components that would need fixing and maintenance every now and then. Also, part of its design advantage lies in the wheels. The huge wheels have thick double walled rims that give the bike extra strength to be able to sustain great weights at a time.


The Thruster T-29 29er Men’s Mountain bike is a hard tail bike that comes with suspension forks on the front wheel. Unlike the rigid mountain bikes, the front forks come in handy when you are traversing very uncomfortable rocky terrains that require you to go over some huge debris and rocks. This is because they absorb the shocks that would otherwise give you bodily discomforts after a long ride in such a terrain.


One of the biggest drawbacks of this mountain bike is the fact that it comes with the rim brakes instead of the new technology disk brakes. While the rim brakes are efficient in their own way, many people prefer the disk brakes because of their efficiency despite the weather or the terrains. The rim brakes depend mostly on how dry the rim is in order to work perfectly. This therefore means that under wet conditions, the stopping power of the bike could be compromised.


  • It comes with the huge 29 inch wheels that are much more powerful than smaller wheels.
  • It has a strong aluminum frame
  • It has stable steel handlebars for steady steering.


  • The rim brakes are not efficient.
  • The rear wheel lacks suspension forks which makes the ride uncomfortable.

Customer reviews of The Thruster T-29 29er Men’s Mountain Bike

The Thruster T-29 29er Men’s Mountain bike has received a lot of positive customer reviews. Many of the customers like the fact that the bike is a 29er which makes it more powerful and much more fun to ride. Also, a few of the customers enjoy the light weight nature of the frame because it is not only easy to ride but also much easier to maintain. Also, the pricing of the bike is a big plus to the bike. It is not easy to find a 29er that goes for less than $200. So overall, the bike is a good choice.

Among the few critical reviews is the fact that the bike has a small saddle that gives it an uncomfortable feel when you ride.

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Final verdict

The Thruster T-29 29er Men’s Mountain bike is an affordable bike that will give you the best service, especially if you are a first time biker. It is a beast on rugged terrain, but also smooth on tarmac. Its relatively cheap price is probably the best pro that makes it the most preferred bike in the market.


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